An archive of experimental projects

I like experimenting with shapes and motion. All my existing interactives are built with CSS. This is partly due to personal preferences, and partly due to wanting to see what I can get away with by using CSS only. JavaScript animations tend to have a synthetic feel that CSS animations don't have. They're smooth but have a predictable cadence. They all feel the same. CSS animations, on the other hand, tend to feel a little more rugged, which makes them feel more natural, thus perfect for experimentation.

A list of interactive projects can be found below:

Sassy Bike

See the Pen Sassy CSS Bike by Kekeli (@kekeli) on CodePen.

CSS Bird

See the Pen Css Bird by Kekeli (@kekeli) on CodePen.

Bouncing ball, no JS

See the Pen Bouncing ball - No JS by Kekeli (@kekeli) on CodePen.

Fish tank

See the Pen Fish Tank by Kekeli (@kekeli) on CodePen.